eTutorial help

Help using eTutorials

Browser to use

Please use the Google Chrome browser to run our etutorials.

Print to PDF

You can use the print functionality to save content on the Internet to a PDF document. Learn how here.

Copy a screen-shot

You can use the Snipping tool or Snip&Sketch tool and to make a copy of your PC screen, which you can then save or paste to a word document or email.

Using eTutorials via the NHS Network

Youtube - some of our etutorials use YouTube videos to demonstrate some activities. YouTube videos may be blocked on the NHS network. Where YouTube videos are used there is usually text and images to demonstrate the same point or learning activity.

Audio - many of our etutorials include an audio commentary. However all the content is also presented as text on the screen, thus if your PC does not include audio capabilities you should still be able to access all the information.

You may need to contact your NHS IT department to ensure that your PC is set up to run our etutorials.

Navigating within the eTutorials

We are currently upgrading our etutorials. Some have been converted to a Microsoft Sway, others to a later version of software. Our new tutorials include instructions within them on how to navigate. The pdf document below refers to the older version of our tutorials and will explain how to navigate around them:

Help using our Information Skills eTutorials

PDF (827 KB)