User & Carer Involvement

Welcome to the Users and Carers pages within the School of Health and Rehabilitation (SHAR), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Keele University. As a “User of healthcare or a carer” you make an important contribution to the planning, development, delivery and evaluation mechanisms within the School.

We deliver an innovative undergraduate BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Programme, which strives to develop students who are fit for purpose, able to provide high quality care for the patient/client and equipped to meet the demands of an ever changing health and social care environment. The school also delivers several postgraduate MSc Programmes and a large variety of stand-alone post graduate modules as well as support for doctoral studies.

Physio montage

In order to best prepare the students both at undergraduate and postgraduate level a great deal of planning and evaluation takes place. The views of users and carers are integral in enabling the school to achieve its targets and ensuring the patient is at the heart of all our education. The insight provided by patient and public representatives in relation to school activities, including student recruitment, teaching and learning, staff student liaison and evaluation of programmes, to name a few, is critical to developing and remodelling the programmes within SHAR.

If you would like to know more about being a User / Carer (Patient and Public Representative) for the School please contact Alison Aries - User & Carer Representative for SHAR