Rebecca Holden - BSc Physiotherapy Keele University 2012

Orphanage opens after 2 ½ years of fundraising - Rebecca Holden

Following my gap year in Kenya in 2009, where I spent 6 months as a volunteer in a primary school and orphanage, I have been part of a group of 3 students in a project to build a new orphanage.

Many fundraising events have taken place in order to complete the building, such as the 3 peaks challenge. I visited again in July 2010 for a month overseeing building work and in January 2012 the new orphanage was officially opened and is now home to 9 very smiley children.

Together with 1 other student, who lives in Scotland, I am managing the orphanage, arranging all money and liaising with our Kenyan co-ordinators. Although this is a very long-term commitment I am excited to continue in changing the lives of these children.

The orphanage is in a very basic state and we plan further work such as plumbing and electricity but for now the children are very happy in their new home, receiving 3 good meals a day and attending the local primary school. The orphanage is big enough to hold up to 50 children and so this is our aim eventually. We plan to register with the charity commission as a registered charity as soon as possible and I am currently planning my 3rd trip to Kenya in July 2012.