Mona Lim Wai Szee - B.Sc. Physiotherapy Student

Why did you choose to come to study physiotherapy at Keele?

Firstly, the tuition fees are cheaper comparing to other Universities. I chose to study Physiotherapy at Keele University because I want to experience the better quality of syllabus and high standard of professional lecturers that Keele University provides and also highly recommended by its graduate. Keele University has all the requirements of a great university that prepares students for the challenging world especially in my area of studies.

What do you like about the physiotherapy programme?

There are lot of practical classes to prepare the students so that the students able to master the skills and they would know how to handle the patients in an appropriate way.

The lecturers are friendly and always make sure that the students understand what they had taught and offer a helping hand.

If you were applying to university again would you still choose to come to Keele?

Yes i will. I personally think that Keele suits me myself as I love country side comparing to big city like London.