Lucy Jones - Student Physiotherapist

After attending an open day at Keele in June 2015, I knew straight away that this university was the choice for me. Not only was Keele 1st for student satisfaction but it was also ranking very high in the league table for my chosen course ‘Physiotherapy’. What made my decision even easier was that everyone I interacted with on the open day were very friendly and welcoming.

Now it was time to make a life altering decision not only for myself but for my 4 year old son Archie too. I had been working at the same company for the past 14 years and decided to attend college part time so I could achieve an Access to Higher Education Diploma which would enable me to study at Keele. This was the first scary experience for myself as I had only worked at the same company since leaving school and not pushed myself further academically. The inevitable happened, where I started to question myself as to whether I would be able to do this as a single mother and if I had left it too late to start university in my 30s. Well 2016 was the second-best year for me (obviously the year Archie was born was the best) I qualified from college with my diploma and I also confirmed my place at Keele to start studying for my degree to become a Physiotherapist.

Balancing child care around my course as a single mother has been an easy situation so far as I have a very supportive family around me. In other words, I have a ‘super mom’ who arrives at my house at 7.30am in a morning for me to set off for my one hour commute to Keele. Luckily Archie is now in full time education and thinks it is very funny that his mom goes to ‘school’ too. I am very lucky to have my family to help me, but I do know other students at Keele with young children who have adjusted to student life with child carers so it is possible to go down that route too.

Attending Keele has had a positive impact on Archie as he is now saying that he wants to go to university too when he is older. The shocking part of that conversation is that he wants to be a teacher and not a physiotherapist like his mom. There have been many occasions when we have sat down together going over the names of the bones on our mini skeleton who Archie has named ‘Woody’. When asking him what he thinks I do at Keele his reply was that I work with bones…. if only it was that easy!

Archie has been great since I started at Keele and understands that I have studying to do, however I do try to do this when he is in bed and plan ahead as much as I can. One thing that I am certain of is that the worries of making these life changes for me to be able work in a profession that I have wanted to do for so long has been worth it. I would recommend anyone in a similar or even same situation to take that leap and go for it.

[Lucy has shared a video of "future teacher" Archie locating parts of the skeleton]