Liam Doyle - May 2016

My name is Liam Doyle and I am soon to graduate from the Keele BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programme.
I have really enjoyed learning about all areas of physiotherapy and how they are all different, but can all be involved in one person’s treatment, as well as how we as physiotherapists can give people’s lives back to them after a traumatising event. As a Chartered Society of Physiotherapy year group student representative, I have been involved in some staff meetings and we all feel as students that we can input into the course helping change it for the better. Being involved at this level has been great for both me and future students.

I would say to a prospective student thinking of studying Physiotherapy at Keele, that the School of Health & Rehabilitation at Keele makes you welcome to the “physiotherapy family” both at Keele and nationwide. The things you will learn throughout your time here can genuinely change lives. Becoming a physiotherapist is a truly fulfilling role in which Keele can help you to excel. If you are looking for a brilliant course with excellent content and support, then Keele is the place for you.