Jenni Picken - April 2016

I'm currently a 2nd year Physiotherapy student, and I also completed the Health Foundation Year at Keele making mine a four year course - I'm looking forward to graduating in 2017. As a mature student changing career and returning to learning has been quite a challenge... but rewarding too.

You will hear people describe Physio as a 'challenging course' which is very true - and not to be sniffed at. What this means is the speed and volume of content delivered in lectures and practicals are much greater in the Health Faculty than any other in the University, you will have quite busy weeks compared with other students especially when on placement. You will also need to be fairly disciplined in self directed study, learning your anatomy, preparing for seminars, practising hands-on skills, essay writing and revising for exams - this is a science degree after all. Time management is important but so is balancing life and commitments - it can be done!

Since starting the course I may have reconsidered once or twice my choice to retrain as a Physio, but as soon as I was out on my first clinical placement and began working again with patients - I of course remembered exactly why I wanted to do it. If you love working with people and want to be engaged and inspired everyday by making a difference to patients lives - Physiotherapy is for you.

If you want to develop healthcare leading clinical reasoning skills, benefit from a diverse curriculum, gain experience in a variety of clinical environments from critical care to paediatrics, and graduate with advanced skills for career progression - Physiotherapy at Keele is for you.