Chloe Stephens - Summer 2015

Throughout my time at Keele I always felt supported, with my personal Tutor on hand to help me out with anything I needed. The lecturers in the School of Health and Rehabilitation (SHAR) were always available to answer any question I had and provide any guidance I needed. I found Keele a great place to study due to its facilities, equipment and experienced lecturers.

If you study at Keele, the Physiotherapy Course follows a spiral curriculum which allows you to build on your knowledge throughout the 3 years at Keele. SHAR try to provide you with an array of clinical placements which let you to put your knowledge into practice. Throughout your time at Keele there are opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities like International placements and volunteering opportunities. I was fortunate enough to do a 3 week physiotherapy placement in India and had the opportunity to volunteer at girls and ladies Stoke City FC.

My top tips for placement: Always have a note pad and pen handy. If you struggle to verbally share your knowledge and things you have looked up to your educator you could try ‘fact of the week’ or collect your evidence based practice, reflections and things you looked up in a folder to show your knowledge to your educator. Before arriving at Keele it’s useful to get to know the local area, for example supermarkets and local shops. Finally, don’t be afraid to get chatting to your housemates and classmates, as it’s all new to them too and you’re probably all feeling the same!!