Physiotherapy Research Society (PRS)

The Physiotherapy Research Society (PRS) was formed to actively promote research in physiotherapy.  Encouraging high quality research relevant to physiotherapy practice and education, the Society aims to foster a critical awareness throughout the profession.  Every Spring they host a research conference inviting contributors from junior to senior colleagues and including students.

Adam Winterton, Teaching Fellow in SHAR attended and delivered a platform presentation to the audience at the PRS conference held at Leicester University in April 2015.

Adam presented the findings of his Masters in Neurological Physiotherapy phenomenological study into how neurological physiotherapists predict rehabilitation potential in their clients.

PRS was selected as the event to deliver this material due to its established reputation among physiotherapists in the United Kingdom and the audience being peers interested in research but also likely to be in a position to apply the findings clinically due to being current practising physiotherapists.