Key Facts

Module Title: Paediatric Respiratory Medicine: Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis
Mode of Study:This module can be taken independently or as part of the Masters in Medical Science
Contact Details:01782 734936
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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This module aims to provide participants with the knowledge required to enable best care for children and young adults with cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis from any cause.
This knowledge is essential to ensure the best outcomes for children and young adults. Application of best practice has been shown to have sustained and significant improvements on morbidity.
It is aimed to supplement practical experience gained from working with children and families and is suitable for health care professionals from a range of backgrounds.
The module will complement training in paediatric respiratory medicine/nursing. In particular, it ensures adequate coverage of the knowledge component of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health curriculum in cystic fibrosis.

This module aims to provide an up-to-date knowledge base that will enable the learner to confidently provide care for children, young people and adults with cystic fibrosis or other causes of bronchiectasis (e.g. primary ciliary dyskinesias).

It will encourage an approach which reflects on the current literature, previous clinical experience and the patient narrative.

This module requires previous training/experience within a relevant health profession. It is aimed at all healthcare professionals who are involved in the care of children and adults with cystic fibrosis. Eligibility for registration onto the module is at the discretion of the module leader.

Guided independent study:

Participants will be guided through the important literature and asked to focus on literature which offers practical advice for management: 60 hours

Reflection on learning: 2 hours


Preparation of Oral Presentation: 36 hours

Preparation of Essay including revisions as required in response to feedback: 36 hours

Lectures: 8 hours (1 full day)

Workshops: 8 hours (1 full day)

Assessment 1

30 minute Oral Presentation

The candidates will provide an oral presentation (30 minutes). This will be a case report of a child and family following the patient journey through the healthcare system focusing on patient experience, diagnosis, multidisciplinary management, morbidity and outcome.
For those not in clinical practice. The faculty will make cases available, either facilitating direct contact with a family or signposting the learner to online resources from our centre (CF-Momentum resources available at:
Assessment 2
Essay (maximum 2000 words)
Is it worth it? Justifying the costs for children and adults with advanced lung disease.
An essay describing the procedures that should be followed and background information required to make decisions about the use of high cost medicines in children and adults with bronchiectasis. This will include background information on type of treatment and justification of clinical need, outcomes of trial data in relation to health service budgetary constraints. It should discuss examples of the issues faced such as adherence and the need for compassionate care.