Key Facts

Module Title: Leadership and Management for Healthcare Professionals
Mode of Study:This module can be taken independently or as part of the Masters in Medical Science
Contact Details:01782 734936
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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For those in clinical practice, an appreciation of leadership and management skills in the health care setting is increasingly important.  

In this module you will explore both the theoretical background to leadership and management and the practical skills which you will require to be an effective leader in the present, challenging, healthcare environment. You will leave with greater insight into your own leadership style and impact on others, together with a deeper understanding of how the new commissioning arrangements will affect your service.

  • To explore the NHS context within which you are/will be practising as a leader,
  • To provide an understanding of the principles of leadership and management and their application within modern organisations,
  • To enable you to explore your own leadership style and impact on others,
  • To provide you with a range of practical skills to enhance your confidence as a leader.

Open to all health and social care professionals in active practice or a healthcare leadership or management role.

The programme will be based around the following themes:

  • The Leadership Context: Understanding the NHS
  • Understanding Leadership and Management in Modern Organisations
  • Understanding Yourself: Working with Others
  • Managing and Improving Services


In addition, students will undertake, in groups, an internal consultancy project, which will be presented on the final day of the module.  Particular topics covered are:

  • Structure and operation of the NHS in England
  • Contemporary health policy
  • Funding the NHS: how the money comes and where it goes!
  • Understanding organisations and organisational culture
  • Exploring leadership and management
  • The new commissioners: Clinical Commissioning Groups in action!
  • Understanding self and others using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Interpersonal emotional intelligence and leadership style
  • Building high performance teams
  • Service improvement, service re-engineering, service disruption
  • Leading and managing change


A range of teaching and learning opportunities will be used including key note talks, small group discussions, seminars and independent study. The module will be supported by on-line materials in the KLE.  Students will be expected to consult the literature on management theory as well as leadership strategies and styles. The course work takes as the starting point the NHS Clinical Leadership Competency Framework and will cover organisational structures and culture, personal and organisational development, public and patient involvement and the qualities needed to be an effective leader in the present, challenging, healthcare environment.



Students will choose an essay title from three options to demonstrate a critical understanding and application of an aspect of the theoretical basis of leadership. Essay titles will change regularly to reflect the advancing world of healthcare.


Module Session Dates

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