Dr. Valerie Delpech

Title: Consultant Epidemiologist
Location: Health Protection Agency

Valerie is a public health consultant epidemiologist at the Health Protection Agency and has lead on the national surveillance of HIV infections for the United Kingdom for the past 7 years. She trained in medicine and public health in Australia and the UK and has extensive experience in communicable disease control and public health, with a particular interest in sexual health.


Valerie’s research interests and publications have focused on better understanding changes in the epidemiology of HIV and other STIs at the local, national and international levels; to identify risk factors for acquiring HIV in most at risk populations and assess the quality of HIV care received. She is a committee member on research consortia including the UK Cohort of HIV IC, the UK HIV Resistance database and the HIV Seroconverter studies and EuroCoord HIV Prevalence group and serves on a number of national and international committees in relation to HIV surveillance, prevention and policy development. She provides scientific support to the English Expert Advisory Group on AIDS (EAGA) and has been a member of writing committees of national and international clinical and public health guidelines. Valerie is an executive trustee for the National AIDS Trust.