How to get involved

There are many opportunities for you to get actively involved in Green:keele whether you are a student, a member of staff or a member of the local community.

Staff and student engagement

The University community contributes significantly to the University's environmental impact, from travel to recycling, energy and water consumption to wellbeing and engagement with the local community. Our Staff and Student Engagement Strategy details the wide range of initiatives and campaigns that aim to reduce the University's environmental impact through behaviour change.  

Student representation

One of the University’s key strategic aims is to ensure an exceptional student experience. This is achieved through working in partnership with students.

The University achieves this by ensuring there is student representation on University committees concerned with estates, planning, finance and resource allocation. Ensuring students are included within the University decision making processes is an essential part of creating a sustainability culture for the University. 

Trade Union representation

Trade Union Environmental Representatives are invited to engage with the University's Sustainability Strategy, including participation in developing the University's Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Strategy. Trade Unions are represented on the Transport and Travel Group, whilst the establishment of the Union Environmental Group provided a mechanism to update representatives on environmental estates activities.

The Sustainability Team will contact Trade Union Environmental Representatives to input on plans and developments through future Union Environmental Group meetings. If representatives have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Team.