Art and global health

Artist-in-residence scheme for socially engaged artists

The Institute for Global Health is piloting an artist-in-residence scheme, aimed at exploiting the synergies between art, engagement and research. Our vision is for contemporary artists based in the countries where our global health projects are taking place, to be paired with local artists based in the North Staffordshire region. This aligns with our mission to connect the ‘local’ with the ‘global’ and further develop creative community engagement in health research. Socially engaged art, which is collaborative and participatory in nature, is an innovative way of raising awareness of global health issues, promoting behaviour change and influencing health policy. This scheme is also an excellent capacity building opportunity for artists committed to delivering policy-focused socially engaged art.

Artistic engagement in global health residence scheme (ANGLES)
Funded by QR GCRF Keele, ANGLES is the first pilot artist-in-residence scheme at the Institute for Global Health. It is being run in partnership with ArtsKeele and the Keele Directorate for Engagement and Partnerships. The ANGLES artists are affiliated with ECLIPSE. This is an NIHR-funded global health programme, led by Keele University, exploring the challenges of people living with cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) in Brazil, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka.

The ANGELS artists will be facilitating creative workshops in rural CL-affected communities in Brazil and Ethiopia. During these field trips, the ‘Keele’ artist will also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the other ANGLES artists selected by our partner institutions, the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and Mekelle University (Ethiopia), who will also be performing socially engaged art as part of ECLIPSE. A mentor network between the Keele, Brazil and Ethiopia artists will be set up to facilitate capacity building in social artistic engagement. The ANGLES project will culminate with an exhibition at Keele University.