XRF Resource Page

Niton XRF This website is designed to be a source of information on and about the Niton XRF. The unit is designed to be used in the field or in the lab on "raw" samples but, for accurate work, requires specimens to be prepared in a standardised way.

Use of the equipment to be strictly controlled. Anyone wishing to use the kit will have to have undertaken training from the radiation protection officer Dr Ralf Halama or Adam Jeffery.

Before using the equipment, users will be required to read and sign a copy of the local rules and risk assessment. See Documentation page.

The XRF can be used a wide variety of fields and its built in calibrations should cope with most eventualities. However, for accurate work it may be necessary to create your own "narrow" or specialised calibrations. To this end, and to check the accuracy of the results, we have a set of international standard geological and metal standards. A list is available here. Those using it for forensics or chemistry projects may wish to build up a similar collection of standard material.