GGE-UROP - The Projects

These pages provide information on the GGE-UROP Projects available to students.

DyfiEstuaryProject_800px Anthropogenic Stratigraphy - “the Plasticene”: Can synthetic fibres be recognised in, extracted from and constrain the age of modern sedimentary deposits? This pilot project will investigate whether synthetic fibres are preserved in the sedimentary deposits of the Dyfi Estuary, and if they are, how might they be extracted? If fibres can be identified, can a link to anthropogenic activity be made?

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Fossils Curation of collections and digital experiences: a learning opportunity in the geosciences? How can curating geological specimens help us learn? This project will involve the digital curation of a set of geological specimens of the students choosing from the collections here at Keele.

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Earthquate Monitoring project GGE-UROP Keele Geology continuously records seismic data, detecting earthquakes from around the world. This project will analyse recent earthquakes and combine with other information to produce displays for the earthquakes noticeboard in the foyer of the William Smith Building.

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