Keele MSc projects

Topics available in Volcanology, Petrology and Geochemistry

If you are interested in volcanology, petrology and geochemistry, please get in touch for information about specific research topics or to discuss your own project ideas. A selection of available research projects is listed below.

Contacts: Dr Ralf GertisserDr Ralf Halama

Available projects cover quantitative textural analyses and geochemical-mineralogical aspects of granites and studies on Palaeozoic volcanic successions

Investigate individual volcanic eruptions or the overall eruptive history of volcanoes the eruptive products of active volcanoes, Projects are available that utilise geochemical and textural data of individual components within a volcanic rock, investigate plutonic xenoliths erupted from volcanoes, or apply thermobarometrical modelling and quantitative textural analysis.

Available projects aim at elucidating the mineralogy and petrogenesis of selected alkaline igneous rocks

Apply geophysical techniques to volcanoes and volcanic processes

A range of projects is available that aim at reducing the risk associated with volcanic hazards such as tephra fallout and pyroclastic density currents.

Distinguishing sandstones in historic buildings using handheld X-ray fluorescence.

A range of projects is available focusing on stratigraphical, volcanological, petrological and geochemical aspects of oceanic islands.

This project will test whether some fine-grained rock layers in the Peak District are of volcanic origin using XRD and XRF methods.

Available projects combine petrographic and mineral chemical analyses with constraints from thermodynamic modelling to decipher the origin of metamorphic rocks

Investigate the environmental effects of volcanoes and volcanic degassing

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