Keele MSc projects

Topics available in Sedimentology, Structural Geology and Palaeontology

If you are interested in sedimentology, structural geology and palaeontology, please get in touch for information about specific research topics or to discuss your own project ideas. A selection of available research projects is listed below. 

ContactsDr Stuart ClarkeDr Stuart EganDr Michael MontenariDr Jamie PringleDr Steven Rogers; Dr Guido Meinhold

For further information about our research, please visit the Research Centre for Geography, Geology and Environment website.

This project aims to use a variety of methodologies including photogrammetry, Ground Penetrating Radar and sedimentological analysis to try and shed light on the shape of these reefs.

This project aims to understand the initiation, growth and ultimate demise of these mounds via a microfacies analysis.

This project hopes to bring together a variety of methodologies in the attempt at constraining a high resolution correlative log throughout the Mam Tor and Winnets Pass areas of Derbyshire.

This project aims to provide new insights into the depositional environment of these units.

This project will examine the shallow marine epiclastic deposits of the Nant Valley, north Wales

This project will attempt to reconstruct in three dimensions the geometry of complex and multiphase folding and faulting in the Ordovician succession of the Nant Valley.

This project will look at identifying outcrops to identify the stratigraphy and both vertical and lateral variations in facies associations, sedimentary architectures and depositional palaeo-environments which will update knowledge in this important aged-rocks.

The project will involve collecting extensive GPR data at Spireslack, Ayrshire, Scotland.

This project aims to produce quantitative data of a reservoir analogues’ sedimentary architectures.

An investigation into the geological controls on coastal recession: insights from the North Yorkshire coastline (Ravenscar to Staithes), UK.

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