Keele MSc project abroad

Department of Geography

University of Calgary, Canada

Contact : Dr Richard Waller

Calgary glacie Geoscience placements are offered in the Department of Geography, University of Calgary (Canada) in collaboration with Professor Brian Moorman in the area of Permafrost and Glacial Hydrology.

The main thrust of the projects would be in furthering understanding of the hydrological and thermodynamics of permafrost and glaciers in the Canadian Arctic. Students can apply geophysical, remote sensing and numerical modelling techniques to study modern geocryology and the interface between glaciers, water bodies and permafrost.

There are a variety of potential projects available that involve computer or lab work and there may be the possibility to participate in field studies. Field-based studies involve utilizing a range of different techniques from standard surveying and hydrological monitoring methods to the use of ground-penetrating radar to image the inside of glaciers and the use of unmanned aerial helicopters for extremely high-resolution remote sensing and monitoring.

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