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Topics available as research projects related to Energy

If you are interested in energy-related research (including petroleum geoscience), please get in touch for information about specific research topics or to discuss your own project ideas. 

Contacts: Dr Stuart ClarkeDr Michael Montenari

For further information about our research, please visit the Research Centre for Geography, Geology and Environment website.

of the Sorbas Basin, Almeria. Just how do you go from a clastic dominated, high sediment supply system to a calm reef dominated system?

in arid ephemeral fluvial systems : Implications for reservoir characterisation - Kayenta Fm, USA (BGS)

evolution of a fluvial system in response to allo-factors and implications for reservoir characterisation.

and signatures of sequence stratigraphy (The Jurassic of the Colorado Plateau).

in marginal aeolian systems - controls on their development.

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