Erasmus, Exchange and Overseas Students

If you have reached this point, you are well on your way to accessing the information you need. At first you may be overwhelmed by the many pages of details, so here is a brief guide to what you may find most helpful if you are new to Keele.

GGE Handbook

General information about the William Smith Building, the members of staff, the overall structure of our degree programmes/ courses, safety procedures and sources of support for students.

Course Handbooks

A brief outline of the individual courses,  the tutors involved, some hints on study methods and where to get more information

Module Resources / Handbooks

Detailed information about each module, including the names of the tutors involved, the aims and outcomes of the course, a list of lectures and information about essay and other assignment titles and submission dates. In many cases there will also be a summary of all of the lectures, often including copies of illustrations and handouts.

Module specifications

These are based upon the information required by the University before module is approved, and they provide the definitive module specification. You are welcome to look at these documents, but you almost certainly will not need them.