Careers Information

Robinson_Zoe Careers Tutor

Dr Zoe Robinson is the GGE Careers Tutor and is available for consultation regarding careers. Please e-mail her to arrange an appointment.

Careers Noticeboards

Important careers information is posted on the noticeboard opposite the main lecture theatre (WS0.06). Posters advertising appointments and research posts are advertised on the main careers noticeboard on the Geochemistry corridor beyond the Cope laboratory (outside WS0.16)

Careers Lectures

Careers lectures by members of the University's careers service are arranged with student groups within the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

University Careers Service

The University Careers Service provides a wealth of information and guidance. Services to students include one-to-one sessions, with a drop-in service operating daily  10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00, group sessions and workshops, C.V. and application checks, visiting employer presentations, in addition to careers  literature held in the careers library.

Some Earth Science & Geography Careers Web Sites

General Careers Links

The Green Jobs Network of Websites

The Green Jobs Network of Websites consists of specialist job boards that are wholly dedicated to recruitment in the green sector. They are user-friendly websites offering registered candidates a highly flexible and easy to use interface. The websites are as follows;