TM3000 SEM

TM3000 This website is designed to be a source of information on and about the TM3000 SEM.

Use of the equipment is strictly controlled. Anyone wishing to use the SEM will have to have undertaken training from Adam Jeffery - 33170.

Pre-booking is essential - check the calendar.

See also the scale of charges.

About the TM3000

The TM3000 is a true desk-top SEM capable of magnifying up to 30,000X. It has the advantage of being capable of viewing un-coated specimens - though that can limit the magnification.

In addition it also has a Bruker EDX analytical system attached thus enabling whole area analysis, spot analysis, line profiles and image-mapping.


Have a look at this Hitachi YouTube video to see what it can do.

Sample preparation

Samples are fixed to 15mm or 25mm dia stubs by sticky carbon tabs or with carbon or silver cement. They can also be in the form of polished thin sections mounted on glass slides. They do not have to be coated - it depends on what you want to do. However, samples must be dry.