Current Research Students and Recently Completed PhDs

 Cluster members are actively involved in supervising a number of postgraduate research students across a range of topics and research areas

Current Research Students

  • Tamsin Fisher (commenced October 2017; ESRC North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership) Young people’s wellbeing and autotelic practices: a narrative and go-along inquiry of youth activities (Supervisor: Professor Clare Holdsworth)
  • Laura Brennan (commenced October 2017; self-funded) Gender, Migration and Intergenerational Mobility (Supervisor: Professor Clare Holdsworth)
  • Adam Peacock (commenced October 2017; Keele Faculty of Social Sciences Studentship) Multi-spatiality and experiences of living in the Rural-Urban Fringe (Supervisor: Professor Simon Pemberton)
  • Iqtadar Shah (commenced October 2017; self-funded) Modelling agri-tourism potential in rural areas using GIS methods (Supervisor: Dr. Alex Nobajas and Professor Simon Pemberton)
  • Lei Xiaoyu (commenced January 2017; self-funded) Using creative spaces for public education on plastic waste (Supervisor: Dr Deirdre McKay)
  • Zahid Mughal (commenced September 2016; self-funded) Walking the cosmopolitan talk: the meanings of cosmopolitan identities on the streets of Hong Kong (Supervisors: Dr Deirdre McKay and Dr Lisa Lau)
  • Paulina Mackrell (commenced October 2014; Keele Faculty of Social Sciences Studentship) EU8 migrants and representations of the English countryside (Supervisor: Professor Simon Pemberton)

Recent PhD Completions

  • Ben Duke (HEA Doctoral Programme) Articulating learning and employability through work experience (Supervisor: Professor Clare Holdsworth)
  • Katherine Mycock (Keele Faculty of Social Sciences Studentship) Understanding the multiple [dis]connections of younger people and ‘nature’ (Supervisor: Professor Clare Holdsworth)
  • Juliette Hallaire (Keele International Studentship) Linking resource degradation and international migration: generating the migrant crisis in Senegal (Supervisor: Dr. Deirdre McKay)


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