Responsibility and Resilience

The research cluster Responsibility and Resilience explores issues relating to responsibilities to others in an unequal world, and who may be proximate or distant in both space and time.

Research Overview

The Responsibility and Resilience cluster considers the relations between the local and the global and the responsibilities for the relations on which the privileges of some places and groups depend, as well as local responsibilities for those less powerful. In addition, in the context of responsibility, our research investigates the differential abilities of individuals, groups, organisations and/or communities to cope with external stresses and disturbance as a result of rapid social, political, economic or environmental change.

There is a shared interest in developing theoretical, methodological and policy-relevant approaches to questions connected with cultural, political, economic and demographic change. This includes other staff within the Institute for Sustainable Futures and the Institute for Social Inclusion. There is also a strong emphasis in our research on seeking to influence the working practices of a variety of key stakeholders and policy communities and to engage with a wide range of social and community groups.

 Beyond the above research projects, cluster members are also engaged in other on-going research activities concerned with the geographies of responsibility and resilience, including civic, population/mobility or health geographies; and recent methodological innovations.

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For general enquiries contact  the cluster lead, Professor Simon Pemberton. For more specific enquiries, contact the relevant faculty member listed below.

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