Cluster Members

 Research cluster members, and some additional information about their education, pedagogic and scholarly interests and pursuits can be found below. If you are interested in joining the cluster, or have any questions, feel free to email cluster lead Steven Rogers

Cluster Member Areas of interest Selected exemplars Ongoing projects Associated memberships/qualifications
Steven Rogers Immersive technology; student co-production; education for sustainability;authentic assessment. Tracking Sustainability in Geology;


The Student Journal of Natural Sciences

The Atlas of Sedimentary Petrography;
Virtual reality in geoscience teaching; Bandersnatching presentations; MA Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Lecture Capture based project.
PGCTLHE (undertaking MA); FHEA.
 Katie Szkornik Work-based learning, international student transitions, interdisciplinary curriculum design Teaching and learning on a transnational education programme: opportunities and challenges for flying faculty in Geography and related disciplines (1) The English-Mandarin talking glossary for Environmental students
(2) ‘Operation CSL’
(3) Developing work-based learning opportunities (roll out of ‘with work placement years, upscaling of the Mathematics excellence partnership for Geography, Chemistry, Physics and English)
(3) Restructuring of FY (University PEG)
(4) PGT curriculum reforms (University PEG)
(5) Vet School curriculum design and development 
MA in Learning and Teaching in HE
 Zoe Robinson Education for Sustainability Rating and rewarding higher education for
sustainable development research within the
marketised higher education context: experiences from English universities
Unmaking Single Perspectives: A Listening Project National Teaching Fellow


 Peter Knight Flipped classrooms, Blended sessions, Social-media in teaching, Board-gaming,
Student-negotiated curricula & assessment, Teachable moments.

Also student learning resources for UG and A-level.

“Inspirational Landscapes” Higher Education Partner in RGS Innovative Geography Teaching project 2017

“The lecture is dead, long live the lecture”

Knight and Parsons, “The Research Game” European Geophysical Union Annual Conference, Vienna, April 11th 2018

Various UG texts, both study skills and topic specialist.

A-level resources for RGS and GA jointly with RIW incl.Geographical Association Publishers Award (2015) and overall winner (book) in the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers annual awards (2018)

Nothing currently funded, but working on: Blended sessions, Social-media in teaching (GEG-30014), Board-gaming (esc-10035, 30006)
Student-negotiated curricula & assessment (GEG-30014), Teachable moments (ESC-10039, GEG-30014, ESC-30006).
National Teaching Fellow.


 Adam Moolna Environmental Conservation,
Authentic Assessment

Citizen science and invertebrate sampling training (accredited for Riverfly Partnership)

Summary videos of 3rd year module in English and Chinese versions (previous GGE L&T funding)


In 2nd year of MA LTHE at Keele (will have FHEA on completion of this year)

 Jamie Pringle Immersive technology, egaming, Campus as living lab Educational egaming: the future for geoscience virtual learners?

Training the next generation of near‐surface geophysicists: team‐based, student‐led, problem‐solving field exercises, Cumbria, UK

What do students do? Training, research and learning: developing skills for the next generation of near‐surface geophysicists

Educational egaming

Living lab campus

 Alex Nobajas Web based learning,
Competences-based teaching,
Alternative teaching methods,
Computer skills teaching
Innovations in collaborative work in higher education teaching (INNOVELLS)

Tangible elevations: using an augmented reality sandbox at undergraduate level

Introducing undergraduate students to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ theory and practice

Integrating the GGE drone fleet and 3D printing into the curriculum PGCE

M.Ed. in Higher Education Lecturing

 Ian Stimpson Technology in education, outcrop imaging for mobility impaired students, diversity and inclusivity in geosciences Stimpson, I. G. (2011). Mobility impaired students: Teaching in quite unsuitable environments. Using Slack as a discussion tool  FHEA. Undertaking MA in TLHE. Member of the International Association for Geoscience Diversity
 Richard Waller  Student transitions

Information literacy

Enhancing students’ information literacy skills. Student Transition to Science Undergraduate Education SFHEA
MA in Learning and Teaching in HE

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