GGE Education Cluster

The research cluster GGEEC traverses the discipline boundaries in the school of Geography, Geology and the Environment to provide a holistic, supportive and innovative approach to educational, scholarly and pedagogic pursuits. The core aim of the cluster is to facilitate the creation and dissemination of teaching and learning focused research; with published journal articles being just one avenue considered.

 GGEEC diagram

As a school we are incredibly successful educators; but we aren't necessarily the best at disseminating this, by recording the school’s achievements and signposting our opportunities, it is hoped our pedagogic, educational and scholarly pursuits can be elevated to the highest levels possible, and that we get the recognition that we deserve.

This cluster will:

  • Act as a consultancy for the production of pedagogic outputs, including collaboration, peer review, idea sounding, etc.;
  • Disseminate funding and publishing opportunities;
  • Showcase activities from the school (in particular: encourage the DOI assignment to, and sharing of, scholarly and educational material);
  • Support staff with development (TLHE, MA, HEA Fellowships etc.);
  • Provide support for curriculum development;
  • Collaborate with KIITE and support cross-school, -faculty and -institutional collaboration.

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*Accreditation is dependent on the degree route and modules taken