Current research students

Millman, H. (commenced 2014).PhD Title: Modelling Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics during the Last Interglacial using the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM). Supervisor: Prof. C. Fogwill.

Howell, L. (commenced 2017). PhD Title: Structural, stratigraphic and geodynamic controls on the evolution of the Carboniferous succession of northern England and southern Scotland. Supervisors: Dr Stuart Egan, Graham Leslie (BGS).

Davenward, B. (commenced 2017). PhD Title: Determining the extent and land systems context of buried ice within glacial environments. Supervisor: Dr Richard Waller.

Clark, K. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: Sedimentary controls on secondary processes: Deformation bands in reservoirs. Supervisor: Dr Ian Stimpson.

Hope, C. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: Forensic analysis of discovered clandestine graves of murder victims. Supervisor: Dr Jamie Pringle.

Priddy, C. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: Climatic cyclicity and environmental interactions in arid continental basins: The Leman Sandstone, Southern North Sea. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke.

Turner, A. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: The evolution and glacial significance of meltwater systems within the North Staffordshire region. Supervisor: Dr Richard Waller.

Wiltshire, R. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: The transitions in eruption styles of arc eruptions. Supervisor: Dr Ralf Gertisser.

Mitten, A. commenced 2016). PhD Title: Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy in fluvial systems. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke. Geology Today Article

Al-Madhachi, L. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: The Cretaceous reservoir evolution of the south east Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq: Geological Modelling evaluation. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke.

Cousins, D. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: Controls upon facies distribution and cyclicity in aeolian systems: implications for successful exploration and development in a mature North Sea basin. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke. Geological Journal Article.

Pettigrew, R. (commenced 2016). PhD Title: Evaporitic/Clastic interactions in arid continental environments: Implications for reservoir quality, characterisation and fluid flow. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke.

Foey, J. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: The influence of halokinesis on shallow-marine sediments in salt basins: The Fulmar Formation, Central North Sea, UK. Supervisor: Dr Ian Stimpson.

Rowell, C. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: Subsidence as a result of salt and brine extraction in Cheshire, and implications for present and future land usage/construction/engineering. Supervisor: Dr Jamie Pringle.

Whitley, S. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: Xenoliths as tracers of magmatic and intra-crustal processes at subduction zone volcanoes. Supervisors: Dr Ralf Halama and Ralf Gertisser.

Witherick, A. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: The influence of basal thermal regime on the characteristics of subglacial debris. Supervisor: Dr Richard Waller.

Campbell, S. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: Unconventional and geothermal energy resources within the Main Karoo Basin, South Africa. Supervisors: Drs Ian Stimpson and Stuart Egan. Energy Proceeding Article and Geothermal Energy Article

Eissa, R. (commenced 2015). PhD Title: Application of multi-parameter geophysical techniques for the sub-surface investigation. Supervisors: Drs Jamie Pringle and Ian Stimpson.

Cain, T. (commenced 2014). PhD Title: Fault geometry and fault-zone development in mixed carbonate/clastic successions: Implications for reservoir management. Supervisor: Dr Stu Clarke. Jn Scot Article

Hepworth, L. (commenced 2013). PhD Title: Linking in situ crystallisation and magma chamber replenishment in the Rum Western Layered Intrusion, NW Scotland. Supervisor: Dr Ralf Gertisser. Jn. Pet. Article

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