Earth Systems

 The research cluster of Earth Systems covers the full spectrum of geosciences, and spans almost the entire geological column, from deep time right up to recent Glaciations and present ice cap research.

Research Overview

The Earth Systems research cluster covers the full spectrum of geosciences from deep time to active volcanic processes and climate change research. Within this broad theme there are four internationally recognised research groups:

There is a shared interest in developing multi-disciplinary scientific investigative approaches to answer fundamental problems, be it climate change, deep time questions, surface processes or indeed environmental contamination. This includes other staff outside GGE, for example, forensic science staff in the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences. There is also a strong emphasis in our research on seeking to influence the working practices of a variety of key stakeholders and policy communities and to engage with a wide range of social and community groups.

In the last five years, cluster members have generated substantial external research income to undertake a number of major research projects. A range of different funding agencies support primary and applied research by the theme members. These include the UK Research Councils, EU Horizon2020, Higher Education Academy, The National Lottery, Iraqi, Nigerian and National Government Funding.

For general enquiries contact the cluster lead, Dr Jamie Pringle. For more specific enquiries, contact the relevant faculty member listed below.

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