I completed a four year undergraduate degree in economics (Mineral Economics) at Rhodes University with geology and economics as majors. I then went on to complete an Honours Degree in Geology (BSc Geology Honours) followed by a research MSc in Geology at Rhodes University. My PhD at Keele University is building on my MSc research into unconventional and geothermal energy resources within the Main Karoo Basin, South Africa.

Awards and Grants


  • NRF Scarce Skills Masters Scholarship
  • Henderson Scholarship (Rhodes University)


  • Keele University PhD Scholarship


  • International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Research and scholarship


Unconventional and geothermal energy resources within the Main Karoo Basin, South Africa

Supervisor: Dr. Ian Stimpson

I have been using data from outcrops and two boreholes to study the geothermal and hydrocarbon potential of the Main Karoo Basin.karoo map Geological map of the Karoo Basin with potential geothermal resource area,
from Campbell et al., 2016.

  • Permian aged sandstones were analysed for porosity, permeability and thermal conductivity. A first estimation of the geothermal potential was published in 2016 in two papers.
  • Potential gas bearing shales encountered in boreholes were studied from a structural perspective using downhole geophysical logs in order to determine the effects on shale gas potential.



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