Michael Musgrave graduated from Rhodes University and the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and holds a PhD in Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His research in south-central Africa ranges widely across different disciplines in an attempt to produce a holistic synthesis of the problems around sustainable development in the region. Dr Musgrave uses interdisciplinary approaches to understanding complex issues of social-ecological systems in the Miombo forests of the south-central African region. The methodologies he has used include participatory methods (PRA and associated methodologies), semi-structured interviews, GIS, remote sensing and policy, institutional and governance analysis. His recent research examines the role of Chiefs and traditional authorities in governance of natural resources in Zambia and Zimbabwe. He writes a widely read blog on African sustainable development, politics and conservation at


Musgrave, M.K. (2016): Scale, Governance and Change in Zambezi Teak Forests: Sustainable De- velopment for Commodity and Community: Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN(10): 1-4438-8715-3, ISBN(13): 978-1-4438-8715-1
Musgrave, M.K., & Wong, S. (2016). Towards a more nuanced theory of elite capture in development projects. The importance of context and theories of power. Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(3) 87-103,

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