I’ve always been interested in ecology and natural history. Indeed, from a young age, my parents taught me how to identify native wildflowers and trees. However, it was not until my mid-twenties, whilst studying fisheries management at Rodbaston college, that I thought about a career in ecological research. This led me to study for an Environmental Conservation BSc at Staffordshire University between 2011 and 2013. During this time, I developed an interest in agroecology, especially the insect biodiversity and potential agricultural value of linear elements within the farmed landscape (e.g. hedgerows, green lanes and field margins). After finishing my BSc, I completed a PhD at Lancaster University between 2014 and 2018. My PhD thesis investigated the local and landscape factors that promote arable field margin invertebrate populations and their services (pollination and natural pest control).

After completing my PhD, I had a brief spell at Natural England as an Upland Lead Advisor, which involved negotiating land management plans with grouse moor estates. I subsequently completed a short-term remote sensing research project investigating rush expansion within the English uplands at Lancaster University. Then, between May 2020 and October 2021, I worked as a consultant for Natural Capital Solutions, which involved mapping and calculating the physical and economic value of natural capital and ecosystem services.

I was appointed an Ecology and Conservation Teaching Fellow at Keele in October 2021. Alongside my job at Keele, I also work as an ecological consultant. I want to use my previous and ongoing experience in the environmental job sector to equip our students with all the tools they need to be successful graduates.

Research and scholarship


My research is concerned with the impact of land management on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Research interests

  • Flower visiting insect ecology and conservation
  • The impact of linear landscape elements (field margins, hedgerows and green lanes) on farmland biodiversity and agricultural production
  • The impact of upland land management on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Wildfire mitigation
  • Fire ecology


Environmental practitioner apprentice degree

  • ESC-10080 Academic Field Skills and Business Environmental Practices (Module Leader)
  • ESC-10082 Studying the Environment and Climate Change
  • ESC-10088 Ecology and Habitats (Module Leader)

Year one

  • ESC-10043 Greening Business (Module Leader)
  • ESC-10061 Studying the Environment
  • GEG-10015 Nature, Conservation & Society
  • ESC-10094 Academic, Fieldwork and Employability Skills

Year two

  • ESC-20108 Environmental Impact Assessment: Practical Physical Geography and environmental skills
  • ESC-20100 Water in the Environment
  • ESC-20106 Geographical and Environmental Skills

Year three

  • ESC 30047/50 Environmental Programmes Double/Single Dissertation
  • GEG-30006/8 Geography Double/Single Dissertation
  • ESC-30110 Advanced Environmental Field Skills (Module leader)


  • ESC-40029 Research Project



School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
William Smith Building
Keele University