I joined Keele in September 2019 where I have been working on projects that explore the norms and implications of new and novel alternative nicotine and products. Prior to joining Keele, I studied at the University of Leicester for my undergraduate degree in Human Geography (2014), before completing an MA in Public Health at Nottingham Trent University (2015). I then returned to Leicester for my PhD in Human Geography (2019), where I was also a Graduate Teaching Assistant. My PhD was titled ‘Assembling Everyday Geographies of Survivability in Kidney Transfer’ and explored the everyday experiences and geographies of those with kidney failure or a kidney transplant.

Research and scholarship

My research interests are based in health geographies, public health and health inequalities. My current research focusses on issues related to kidney failure and transplantation, smoking, vaping and the use of nicotine and tobacco products.

From September 2019 - December 2020 I worked on a Cancer Research UK funded project titled ‘Vaping, smoking and evolving norms: two linked systematic reviews of qualitative evidence’. This project explored perceptions and use of electronic cigarettes among youth and adults and considered the emerging norms around vaping and how these relate to smoking norms.

Since December 2020 I have been working on the Cancer Research UK funded project titled ‘Exploring the implications of new and novel alternative nicotine products in superdiverse areas for health inequalities’. This project explores perceptions and use of different nicotine and tobacco products in a superdiverse area (Handsworth, Birmingham) to identify potential health inequalities that may arise from differential use.


Smith H, Lucherini M, Amos A, Hill S. 2021. The emerging norms of e-cigarette use among adolescents: A meta-ethnography of qualitative evidence. International Journal of Drug Policy, Article 103227, vol. 94. 

Smith, H. 2021. Survivability in Kidney Transfer as Becoming: Embodiment, Materiality, and Time in Kidney Failure and Transplant. Geohumanities. 

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