After working as a Teaching Fellow in GIS at the University of Leicester, in September 2013 I joined the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences at Keele as a Lecturer in Human Geography and GIS. Previous to that I held teaching and research roles at a myriad of institutions such as the University of Barcelona, the University of Lleida, the University of Sheffield or Durham University and have also worked in the private sector as an Environment Technician.

Academically I did a BSc in Geography at the University of Barcelona (2007), a MSc in GIS at the University of Edinburgh (2008), a MEd in Higher Education Lecturing at the University of Barcelona (2011) and a PhD in Geography, Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Barcelona (2013) with the title “Bottled natural mineral water in Catalonia: Origin and geographical evolution of its consumption and production”.

You can follow me on Twitter @tande64. Between rants and complaints from time to time I also post links geographically relevant.

Research and scholarship

I am interested in anything to do with geography and GIS, so my research interests are quite broad, varied and geeky. Current and past research topics for which I am happy to supervise PhDs include:

Historical cartography and GIS

  • Recreation of past landscapes
  • Evolution of Urban Fabric
  • Sediment yield estimation
  • Land use evolution

Geographies of Food and Eating

  • The industry of bottled water
  • European Spa Towns
  • Wine Geography
  • Culture and Food

Pedagogy of Geography

  • Web based learning
  • Competences-based teaching
  • Alternative teaching methods
  • Computer skills teaching

Human Geography and GIS

  • Quality of life and well-being
  • Nationalism
  • Housing
  • Electoral Geography
  • Geolinguistics and Twitter
  • Population visualisation methods

Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Application of UAVs (drones) to environmental issues
  • Satellite imagery and land change
  • Archaeological documentation

I am a member of the Catalan Geographical Society, the Association of Catalan Geographers, the Official Geographers Body of Catalonia and Spain, Group of Historical Cartography Studies, the Keele Institute for Social Inclusion and Keele Natural Sciences Research.


Module leader:

  • ESC-10035 Geographical Skills
  • GEG-2010 Practical Human Geography
  • ESC-30044 Applied GIS

Involved in:

  • ESC-20029 Practical Physical Geography
  • ESC-20049 Dynamic Geographies
  • ESC-20050 Dynamic Geographies
  • GEG-20009 Geographical Research Training (Barcelona Fieldcourse)

Phd Supervision:

  • 2018- Helen Malbon, Can digitised heritage landscapes inspire a sense of place?
  • 2017- Iqtadar Shah, Modelling agritourism potential in rural areas using GIS methods
  • 2017- Laura Brennan,  Gender, Migration and Intergenerational Mobility
  • 2017- Ben Davenward, Determining the extent and landsystems context of buried ice within glacial environments
  • 2017- Adam Peacock, Mobility, exclusion and governance in the rural-urban fringe
  • 2016- Angie Turner, The evolution and glacial significance of meltwater systems within the North Staffordshire region
  • 2014-2016 Ben Duke, Student learning through work placements




  • 2018 Rethinking ‘falling behind’ cities: inclusive urbanism at times of crisis and ‘closing’, Keele Institute for Social Inclusion £3,700
  • 2018 Secure Food Futures, Keele Institute for Social Inclusion £3,971
  • 2017-2019 City and countryside in Spanish Cartography, a historic perspective, Spanish Economy and Competitiveness Ministry 48,000€
  • 2017 Funding to develop an augmented reality sandbox Higher Horizons+ £2,67
  • 2017 Santander Research Bursary seed corn research £2,750
  • 2017 Funding to purchase a 3D printer Geography, Geology and Environment Research cluster £2,150
  • 2016-2017 Introducing undergraduate students to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Learning and Professional Development Centre, Keele University £2,590
  • 2015-2017 Models in the Spanish urban cartography: a historical analysis Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry with 48,400€ for the project and 85,000€ for a PhD scholarship
  • 2015-2017 Youth migration, new social movements and digital networks (#eMovix) Obra Social la Caixa with 77,262.23€
  • 2015 Erasmus funding to visit the Unversity of Almería 1,750€
  • 2015 Santander Research Bursary seed corn research £3,500
  • 2015 Network funding to establish links Centre for Social Policy, Keele University £1,500
  • 2014 Funding to purchase a research UAV and sensors Faculty of Natural Sciences, Keele University £26,500 
  • 2012-2014 Urban cartography in Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries: the role of councils and the military funded by the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry with 49,573€


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