Palaeoenvironmental change in the Northwest Passage, Canada

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Core examination
Posted on 16 November 2017

Dr Anna Pieńkowski (MacEwan University, Alberta, Canada) visited the department last week to work with Dr Alix Cage and their MSc Geoscience Research student, Bethan Stephenson-Dawss.  Alix and Anna, along with collaborators at the Geological Survey of Canada and Dr Mark Furze (MacEwan University) have been collaborating on a number of projects centred around late Quaternary environmental change in the Northwest Passage, Canadian Arctic Archipelago.  Bethan started working on her sediment core from the M’Clintock Channel (kindly brought over in a very heavy bag from Edmonton!), whilst Alix and Anna continued their work on the taxonomy project ‘‘Foraminifera from the Arctic Northwest Passage: creating a 21st Century baseline for biomonitoring and improved palaeoclimatology’’ (supported by the Systematics Society, NSERC and the Research Centre for Geography, Geology and the Environment). Once completed, the Northwest Passage foraminifera project will produce the first atlas of foraminiferal distributions (benthic and planktonic) and associated environmental data, along with an updated taxonomical reference guide for foraminifera, from Arctic Canada.