LiDAR meets volcanoes

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LiDAR plot

LiDAR plot

Posted on 03 November 2017

Supported by the Research Centre for Geography, Geology and Environment, Dr Ralf Gertisser, Senior Lecturer in Mineralogy and Petrology, conducted fieldwork in the Eifel area of Germany for a pilot study “Next-generation LiDAR: applications in volcanology”, using the School’s recently purchased LiDAR instrument. Preliminary field data were collected to test the application of LiDAR technology to characterise the eruption deposits of recent explosive volcanic eruptions, including those of the famous Laacher See eruption 12,900 years ago, as well as the internal structure of cinder cones that are exposed through extensive quarrying. LiDAR data were collected, with support from Dr Adam Jeffery, during six field days, with 14 localities visited and imaged.