Advances in Palaeogeography

Advances in Palaeogeography Special Issue of Geological Magazine has been published, edited by Dr Guido Meinhold, Lecturer in Geology at Keele University.

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"Palaeogeography addresses the cartographic reconstruction of former geographical features on palinspastically restored tectonic base maps either for a specific region or the entire globe in time slices through Earth’s geological history. The topography of land masses, the bathymetry of former seas and the circulation of oceanic waters, former wind patterns and distribution of organisms, among others, are also often included in such reconstructions. Major palaeogeographical reorganization of geographical features strongly influences mountain formation, basin development, as well as the evolution of ecosystems and the climate. This special issue, Advances in Palaeogeography, aims to present a well-balanced selection of the current state of palaeogeography-related research of which the concept of plate tectonics is an integral part."

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