Adam Peacock, Geography


Single Honours Geography (2013 - 2016). Graduated with a 1st in 2016. 

Details of current study:

MRes Social Science Research Methods at Keele. Starting PhD in September 2017. 

Study abroad location: 

Brock University, St Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, for one semester. 

Please describe any lasting memories you have from your experience of Study Aboard:

A single lasting memory was is very difficult to pin point because I have so many... Broadly I would say that the people I met made the biggest impression. A group of us even went travelling to Banff/ Vancouver together. I think that's key to the study abroad experience - meet as many new people as you can! 

Did Study Abroad enhance your degree? 

I was given the opportunity to take modules that we're not available at Keele, for example, 'Geographies of Canada' or a different G.I.S module to what is offered at Keele. This definitely broadened my perspective of my discipline and what I learnt out there informed my idea for my dissertation at Keele!

What are your top tips for students considering studying abroad?

Firstly, make sure you go! I know so many people that look back and regret not going! It's more affordable than you might think! Secondly, make sure you do your research thoroughly. We picked a university that had a good balance of modules and was situated in a good position to go travelling. You need to think about you want out of your experience as much as where you want to go! 

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