Welcome to Natural Sciences at Keele!

Here you can find up-to-date information about your Natural Sciences course at Keele and the pre-arrival process for new Natural Sciences students.

The Natural Sciences programme is about much more than studying two core sciences in parallel - it's about how you genuinely combine sciences in transdisciplinary approaches and how to develop your abilities to apply sciences to new situations and the real world.

You choose two core sciences, a third supporting science (or other elective which can be an arts module), and take bespoke Natural Sciences modules that develop your abilities to combine disciplinary skills. The bespoke Natural Sciences modules play a central role as an interesting space to "think bigger" and about applying science to the real world.

For me, the way we are working with you to access transdisciplinary thinking and how we can meaningfully combine sciences applied to the real world is what is attractive about the natural sciences route. You will be developing independent critical thought and original insights applied to new contexts.

For 2020 entrants more information will follow in the summer before your arrival - we’re looking forward to welcoming you. In the meantime feel free to visit our course pages for further information or you can contact me directly. 

All the best 

Dr Adam Moolna

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