Geography Field Courses

The field course flyers below provide outline information on the content, logistics and costs associated with the year 2 overseas field courses. This information is provided to help you select the most appropriate option on your year 2 option form. Please give your selection careful consideration as the option forms are used to make the field course bookings and it will not be possible to change your decision at a later date.

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate information, the field course programme may be subject to change. If you have any queries about the field courses, please contact the field course leader.

2020 Almeria field course flyer (field course leader: Helen Glanville)

2020 Iceland field course flyer (field course leader: Richard Waller)

2020 Barcelona field course flyer (field course leader: Alex Nobajas)

2020 Singapore field course flyer (field course leader: Lisa Lau)

2020 Lake District field course information (field course leader: Zoe Robinson)

Field course costs and financial assistance for 2019/20 Courses

The School is aware that the field course programme represents an additional expense to students and therefore makes every effort to keep costs to a minimum.

If you have any concerns about the financing of the field courses you are encouraged to contact the Student Services Centre and the School.

First Year Students

There are no charges to year 1 students taking field courses in the first year of their programme. The University pays for these costs.

Second Year and Third Year Students

All students will do mandatory field courses as part of their degree programme. There is a range of field courses and costs are dependent on degree route, module choices and the nature of the independent project work taken by students. The costs of field courses are indicated at the start of the year, with details posted on student notice boards to enable students to make informed decisions on the choices available. The School receives an annual financial contribution from the University to subsidise the cost of the field course programme for students. This contribution is allocated on the basis of a daily rate per student that varies according to whether the field course is a UK-based, one-day field course, a UK-based residential field course, or an overseas field course. This student subsidy reduces the overall cost students have to pay to participate in the field course programme. In order to help students manage their field course costs, the payments are also spread over the course of the academic year, normally January, March and May, with some payments for overseas field courses spread further into the next financial year. The first instalment is non-refundable due to the need to pre-book accommodation, flights, etc. in advance.


Costs given in the accompanying information are only for indicative purposes only. Costs are dependent on the options chosen by students and susceptible to changes in the number of students taking field courses and changes in external factors such as flight and accommodation costs that are outside the University’s control. In addition, we reserve the right to change the venues of field courses due to both cost and academic considerations. Where a student misses a field course or cancels at late notice, for no valid reason (e.g. absence of agreed extenuating circumstances) and where the School/University has already incurred a cost, the student will be responsible for paying the field course cost if the reassessment requires the field course to be repeated.

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*Accreditation is dependent on the degree route and modules taken