House style

Most organisations, such as businesses, professional associations or learned societies, use their own particular style of presentation for all of their published materials and other documents. This is known as the “House Style” of that organisation. An ability to follow House Style rules is an important transferable skill that you will learn as part of your studies in Geography at Keele.

Students are required to follow the Keele Geography House Style in all Geography modules. Correctly adopting the House Style is one of the assessment criteria for Geography work. Unless your tutor specifically advises you otherwise you should always follow the House Style when completing assignments. You should also apply the principles of the House Style in other aspects of your University work such as on-line discussions and e-mail correspondences with tutors.

House style rules provide a default set of instructions for preparing work, to which staff and students can refer where specific or unique instructions are not provided for particular assignments.

The House Style for Geography at Keele is provided here: Geography House Style Document

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