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This Course Handbook for Geography is a multi-part document for students studying Geography, Human Geography or Physical Geography. It is students' responsibility to be familiar with the instructions, guidance and information in this handbook, including the sections that apply to the whole School of Geography, Geology and the Environment. The Course Handbook for Geography can be found in the KLE. 

1. Course Information for Students
  • The Geography handbook can be accessed via the KLE

2. Field Courses
3. Programme Specifications
4. Module Diets Summary

 Please refer to Programme Specifications above for full details.

5. Geography House Style

Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this Handbook and in all other documentation provided by the School is correct at the time of publication.

The Handbook does not replace the entries in the University Regulations, which are authoritative statements. In the case of a contradiction or other discrepancy between information in this Handbook and the Regulations, the Regulations shall be authoritative, unless approval has been given for a variation. We would however, be grateful to you for drawing any sources of contradictory information to our attention.

The University will do all it reasonably can to provide the programme as described in this document. Given the duration of the programme, circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control may mean that it cannot deliver the programme as described. In addition to the other information provided, the University seeks to identify below the circumstances in which it may be required to make changes. Where any such changes are made, the University will notify the relevant students as early as reasonably possible and will take all reasonable steps to minimise any disruption which may result, for example, by delivering a modified version of the programme, affording the opportunity to withdraw and providing help to transfer to another institution or, where relevant, by providing alternative optional modules.

It may be helpful to remember that Schools sometimes operate different procedures and you are advised to refer to the relevant School Handbook for modules being taken in another School. 

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