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Welcome to Environmental Science at Keele

Here you can find up-to-date information about your environmental science course at Keele, and the pre-arrival process for new environmental science students will be available here a few weeks before the start of the 2020 semester.

Welcome to Keele University. We are very much looking forward to seeing you here on campus. Of course, this year has some uncertainties because of the need to work in a Covid safe environment and that means most of our first sessions will be online rather than in person. Please rest reassured that a shift to ‘blended’ delivery, with lectures moved online, and in situ teaching focused on workshops and small group sessions does not mean a reduction in learning and teaching provision. If anything, a lot of work is going into this transition and we see it as a real opportunity to improve how we integrate students’ independent learning with contact time discussing and debating issues with lecturers. I have outlined our Welcome Week sessions below and you will see that we first get to meet in person on the Friday. I am Adam, your programme director, and I look forward to meeting you. You will also get to know Emma Harvey, senior administrator for the environment degree programmes, and a number of other staff including Professor Zoe Robinson who is the university Director of Education for Sustainability and leads the core first year module ‘Studying the Environment’. You will also have a personal tutor, who is there for you to get to know as a friendly face and to help you settle in. BSc Environmental Science Combined Honours students – please note that you will also have Welcome Week sessions from your other subject. These will typically be outlined to you in a welcome letter similar to this one from that subject. Keele University has a dedicated central ‘Welcome Web’ for new students which provides information on enrolment and your first few weeks.

If you have any queries about our programmes in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me, Dr Adam Moolna.

Take care – and I look forward to meeting you soon

Dr Adam Moolna - Programme Director for Environmental Science

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Online components for Welcome Week can be accessed on the Keele Learning Environment (KLE) through the ‘Environment Courses Noticeboard 2020-2021’, and on Microsoft Teams in the ‘L&T – GGE – Environment Degree Courses’ team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Emma. Office staff including Emma will be working remotely this semester but are contactable by email – either Emma Harvey directly - (in the event that you receive an out of office reply) the general school office email on gge@keele.ac.uk. I have posted the 2020-21 environment degree programmes handbook on the KLE ‘Environment Courses Noticeboard 2020-2021’. Please do not worry about printing this as it is quite detailed and will have intermittent updates in due course. You do not have to read this in full but have a look through – and later use as a resource for detailed guidance for various aspects of your degree. Your degree programme is structured by modules of study. Each module on which you are registered will have a module handbook or guide that details how that module will be taught and assessed, including recommended reading. You do not need to buy any textbooks in advance of starting your degree – we have provision of textbooks both as physical copies and (normally) e-books via the Keele library.

Environment degrees Welcome Week programme

ONLINE pre-recorded: Monday 28th September (access as suits you in the morning): The first introductory environment degrees session will be made available for 9am on the Monday morning of Welcome Week. This consists of pre-recorded talks that are available for you to access at a time to suit you in the morning – if you could, please watch these before our live online session in the afternoon as you will have an opportunity then to ask any questions.

For all students there are the following key talks:

  • Welcome to the environment degrees at Keele University
  • Teaching and learning in a Covid-19 world There are then individual talks specific to the two programmes (available for all to access if you want to see what your friends on the other programme are doing)
  • BSc Environmental Science (Single and Combined Honours)
  • BA/BSc Environment and Sustainability (Single Honours)

ONLINE live: Monday 28th September 2 - 4pm

We will then have a live session for all environment students (on Microsoft Teams) in which we will explore a current topical issue from the international news: the recent Wakashio shipwreck and oil spill (August) in Mauritius. This is a situation I am actively involved with and is highly relevant to both our environment degree programmes.

  • Welcome and Q&A session relating to the pre-recorded talks you watched in the morning
  • Overview of the Wakashio shipwreck and oil spill in Mauritius
  • Access resources and links independently
  • Come together and discuss the issues and how your environment degree would prepare you for future roles addressing this and similar scenarios.

ONLINE live: Tuesday 29th September 9am - 5pm

Tuesday has an all-day live online project that you will engage with alongside students on our geography, geology and Natural Sciences programmes. This session is led by Dr Ian Stimpson, Senior Lecturer in Geoscience, and role plays a live scenario around a volcanic eruption and how teams from different disciplines come together in society’s response.

  •  9am-5pm: School of GGE Induction Project, ‘Volcano!’ (on Microsoft Teams).

BSc Environmental Science Combined Honours students please note: you may have clashes here with sessions from your other subject – there may be some (e.g. lab inductions) that you will need to attend. Please contact myself or Emma if you have a clash. There will be flexibility to drop out of the all-day volcano project.

ONLINE live: Thursday 1st October 11am – 12 noon

Live session for all environment students (on Microsoft Teams) in which we will have a general question and answer conversation and discussion of your first week.

IN-SITU: Friday 2nd October 10am – 12 noon

We will meet in the car park outside the William Smith Building (home of the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment). This is an opportunity to meet staff, as well as your fellow students and future friends. We will have some small group visits to the building and at 11am Professor Zoe Robinson will lead you on a campus tour exploring related developments and projects

Fieldwork is an essential part of your Environmental Science degree, and throughout your course you will learn many essential field skills for the environmental scientist from ecological identification to water sampling and geochemical analysis.  You will work in a wide range of locations from coastal habitats, areas of forestry, to areas of contaminated land and past mining activities to pristine mountain environments.

Fieldwork dates will be updated shortly for students starting their course in Sepetmebr 2020

If you have any queries or concerns about coming to Keele or starting your Environmental Science degree, please feel free to contact the Environmental Science Programme Director, Dr Adam Moolna.

The University also offers new students the opportunity of having a Keele Mentor. Keele Mentors are current undergraduate students whose aim it is to welcome and help settle new students into the University. Having a Keele Mentor is a fantastic way to aid your transition into Keele and is a great way of finding out more about studying at Keele from someone who has experienced this themselves.

Additional information which you may find helpful:

For the latest updates about Environmental Science (and Sustainability) at Keele you can also follow us on Facebook. 

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