Adam Yeo - Natural Sciences Graduate

Degree- MSc Zoo Conservation Biology

Next step- Either a Phd or plans to work in the research industry, with a focus on animal husbandry and ex-situ conservation.

Natural science was a way for me to express my desires to pursue different subjects of interest and taught me that the worlds greatest problems cannot be solved from a single point of view but a combination of all knowledge. Being part of the first cohort in the natural sciences program was tough but the staff were incredible, always being there when needed. Something unique to the course was the grand challenge lecture series, where guest lecturers from all over the world would come to speak about real world problems from bioethics to discrimination. The lectures were a great way to observe why the interdisciplinary skills learnt on the course were key to solving real world problems and were an opportunity to learn the story of people from all walks of life. I look back at my time at Keele with such happiness knowing that I made incredible friends and memories and what I accomplished has set me on my path to future success.

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