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The Keele Geology degree is broad-based and examines the Earth, its structure, formation, composition, history, processes, hazards and materials. It looks at rocks, minerals and fossils and geological processes. Beyond that, a range of optional modules allow you to tailor your degree towards your individual interests and/or career aspirations. Our courses are strongly aligned to the role of geoscience in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our degrees are accredited by the Geological Society* and are strongly applied and vocationally oriented.The degree enables students to develop a range of transferable skills, including communication, decision-making, problem solving skills, and the ability to research, evaluate and synthesise information from diverse sources. You will develop subject-specific skills like the ability to manipulate analyse and present geospatial data using industry standard GIS and drawing software. You can also extend your studies to a fourth year to obtain an undergraduate integrated master's qualification, "MGeol". Geology at Keele is taught by experienced, research-active and enthusiastic staff who operate an “open door” policy which means you can just come and discuss issues any time we are in our office. 

Programme Director, Dr Ian Stimpson, provides an overview of our Geology courses at Keele

Geology at Keele brochure

Our 2020 brochure contains detailed information about the course, and opportunities that are available to you as a Keele student. 

Leonie Molloy on Studying Geology at Keele

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*Accreditation is dependent on the degree route and modules taken