Dudley Earthquake 2002

Year Mo Dy Hr Mn Secs Lat Lon kmE kmN Depth Mag Locality
2002 9 22 23 53 14.7 52.518 -2.141 390.4 291.1 9.6 4.8 DUDLEY,W MIDLANDS

There was a magnitude 4.8 earthquake near Dudley on 22nd September 2002 at 23:53 GMT (23rd September at 00:53 BST). The earthquake appears to have occurred on the Midland Microcraton along the Malvern Lineament (see picture below). The are no reports of any injuries and and minor damage was caused.

Map showing the epicentre of the earthquake to the west of Dudley.

Dudley EQ location

Seismograms recorded on our network in Northwich.

Dudley Earthquake


Major fault lines in the area. This earthquake epicentre is close to the Malvern Lineament. There was also an earthquake near Stafford in 1916 that lies on the same lineament.

Fault lines in Midlands

The structural geology of Central England. (From The Regional Geology of Central England : BGS). The epicentre is close to the West Boundary Fault - the fault bounding the Coal Measures.

Central England Structural Geology