Welcome to Forensic Science at Keele


lab class Our past and present students often tell us how much they have enjoyed their experience at Keele, and as you start your degree we are sure that you will gain as much from your time here as they have. Certainly you will learn a whole range of academic and practical skills that will be of value not only in your studies and future career, but in your whole life.

We look forward to meeting you at the start of the new academic year and we hope that you make the most of your opportunities here.

Best wishes,
Dr David Thompson, course director
Dr Vivienne Heaton, 1st Year Tutor

Preparing to come

It is not necessary that you carry out any specific preparation for your degree studies in Forensic Science during the summer vacation as all aspects of the subject will be covered from basics. If, however, you are keen to get started, then visit your local library and borrow a few books these will help you become familiar with some of the main concepts and terminology.

In addition this link includes a list of the books for each forensic science module (opens in new tab).

Other essential equipment to bring:

Basic drawing equipment, including coloured pens and pencils, a protractor and a stapler.
Diary (paper or electronic) for storing class times, coursework deadlines, etc.
Memory stick or similar device for storing electronic data.

lab pack A free lab starter kit, including a lab coat, two lab books, safety spectacles and a few other useful bits, will be provided on registration with the School. 

Other essential equipment to bring:

Scientific Calculator capable of evaluating basic science functions.  Please note the University guidelines on the use of calculators in examinations:

Please note the University guidelines on the use of calculators in examinations which limits those you can use in examinations to a specified range of models and makes.

Starting Arrangements

using microscope All the sessions in Welcome Week are an integral part of your degree course and, as such, are compulsory.

Monday 25th September 2017 Registration

Your first commitment to the Forensic Science degree programme is to register on to the course and get some basic information.

The registration and welcome meeting will take place in the Lennard Jones laboratory LJ1.70 from 13:00 - 16:00

During the registration, you will receive a summary of essential information about the Forensic Science course, including getting your laboratory pack, and meet key staff.  It is essential that you attend this session.

Note that if you are a combined honours student your other subject will be making separate arrangements but you must register specifically with Forensic Science on Monday.


Tuesday 26th September 2017

Attendance at this session will give you all the essential information you need to embark on studying Forensic Science, including the course content, structure, modules, timetabling and assessment issues.  You will also be able to meet the staff teaching you in semester one and ask any questions.  This meeting will take place on Tuesday at 09:00 – 11:00 in LJ1.75.


There will also be an introductory workshop for the Chemical Science Principles module between 15:00 - 17:00.  The venue for this session will be advised at registration.


Thursday 28th September 2017

There will be an additional workshop for the Chemical Science Principles module between 10:00 and 13:00 this will take place in LJ1.80.  The workshop will introduce the content of the module and give you a chance to meet the teaching team.

Additional Information

examining fingerprints

Please feel free to contact the Forensic Science 1st Year Tutor Dr Vivienne Heaton (tel: 01782-7333115, e-mail: v.g.heaton@keele.ac.uk),

the Course Director Dr David Thompson (tel: 01782-734954, e-mail: (d.f.thompson@keele.ac.uk),

or the School Office (tel: 01782-734211 Mon - Thur mornings) p.thompson@keele.ac.uk should you require any further information.