Forensic Science Facilities

Please take a look at our new facilities and equipment. These include a new analytical laboratory equipped with a number of stereomicroscopes, document examination instrumentation, a range of modern spectrometers, and chromatographic equipment. 


Stereo Microscope

VSC-4 document examination instruments are widely used in the forensic investigation of questioned documents.

High quality stereomicroscopes are essential for forensic scientists for the examination of trace evidence.

High performance liquid chromatography

High performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography are extremely sensitive techniques utilised in the analysis of drugs, body fluids, fire accelerants.

Electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA) UV-visible light spectrometers

Electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA) is highly effective for document examination, particularly, for the visualisation of indented writing.

UV-visible light spectrometers are employed for accurate quantitative analysis of coloured samples.

ICP spectrometer

ICP spectrometer is an extremely powerful instrument capable of simultaneous determination of 70 elements with the detection limits ~1 part per billion.

A comparison microscope is particularly useful for studying questioned and control specimens under identical conditions.




The Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is used to determine the molecular weight of of both known and unknown compounds. Using this instrument we are able to identify a range of different compounds, such as drugs, pesticides or contaminants, in a complex sample such as blood or urine.


The Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is a research grade instrument is used by students for trace element analysis. This can be for toxicological analysis or for looking for environmental contaminants. Using this instrument it is possible to determine the amount of toxic elements in a sample down to part per trillion levels.


The Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass (QToF) spectrometer is a instrument allows us to determine the structure of unknown molecules, such as drugs or environmental contaminants, will high accuracy. This is a research grade instrument that students have access to for their project work where they will work alongside established researchers working in the forensic field.