Parabilis - E-Procurement

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Keele University operates an E-Procurement System called Parabilis. This is a web hosted system which is accessible both on and off campus.  (Parabilis Marketplace as at September 2014 supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9,10 and 11. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera). 

Please see URL links below:

Live Parabilis System 

Training Parabilis System

E-Procurement - Requisitioner Registration see MIS web page the section MIS administrative computing account (including SCIMs, E:Vision, Financial)

complete and forward to the MIS team within IT Services directly 

E-Procurement - Approver Registration Form


View the Learning Professional Development Centre web site for Parabilis in-house training sessions throughout the year.

MP5 Training Guide to help navigate your way around the new version of Parabilis currently available in the Training Environment.  The upgrade is due to go live on 16.10.17 and will be accessible in the Live Parabilis System from this date. 

For more information about the new version of Parabilis, view this video.

Help Desk

Parabilis E-Procurement Functions

E-Procurement & General User Guides

Foreign Purchase Order Guide

Foreign Currency Purchase Order Guide



Requisitioner Role Guide (FULL VERSION) Registration form link within Section 2

E-Procurement Requisitioner Role Parabilis P2P3 Guide


Requistioner Registration form link can be found at Section 2 "Administrative Computer Systems User Registration Form". Completed forms to be sent to IT Services.



Approver Role Guide and Registration Form

E-Procurement Approvers Guide        

E-Procurement - Approver Registration Form


Requisitioner Role Guide and Registration Form

Section By Section

Requisitioner Guide - Section 1 Introduction


  • Brief Introduction
  • Brief E-Procurement Flow Chart

Requisitioner Guide - Section 2 Getting onto the System and Registration Form

Getting On To The System

  • New User (Requisitioner Role)  Requisitioner Registration Form see MIS Web Page    and section called MIS administrative computing account (including SCIMs, E:Vision, Financial) complete the document and send to the MIS Team within IT Services to action.
  • URL Web Links
  • Screen Timing Out
  • Login
  • Password Issues
  • Home Page


Requisitioner Guide - Section 3 System Default Settings

System Default Settings

  • My Account Default Settings
  • Password Hint
  • User Information
  • Profile

Requisitioner Guide - Section 4 Supplier Search - Supplier Name Unknown

Supplier Search Supplier Name Known

Requisitioner Guide - Section 5 Order Form Creation/Request to Purchase

Order Form Creation/Request to Purchase

  • Order Form Symbols
  • Raising a Free Text Non Catalogue Request to Purchase
  • Raising a Catalogue Request to Purchase
  • Raising a Punch Out Request to Purchase
  • VAT Bulk Upload
  • UNSPSC Coding

Requisitioner Guide - Section 6 Order Form Basket Screen

Order Form Basket Screen

  •   Order Form Basket Screen
  •   Comments and Attachments
  •   Account Codes
  •   Automatically Applying the Account Code for all items on the order form
  •   Default Account Codes
  •   Invalid Account Codes
  •   Multiple Account Codes
  •   Split Account Codes
  •   Delivery Address
  •   Multiple Delivery Addresses
  •   Split Delivery Addresses
  •   Mark For Address Options
  •   Delivery Date or Service Delivery Date
  •   Multiple Delivery Dates
  •   Split Delivery Dates
  •   Sending Order Form for Approval
  •   Confirmation Purchase Order
  •   Selection of an Approver
  •   Approval Granted
  •   Approval Rejection
  •   High Value Approval
  •   Order Form Approval Withdrawal
  •   Lost Order Form
  •   View Order Forms


Requisitioner Guide - Section 7 Adding An Item To An Order Form

Adding An Item To An Order Form

  • Adding an Item To an order before the Order Form has been approved                                                                
  • FREE TEXT” – “NON CATALOGUE”                                        
  • “CATALOGUE”                                                                                  
  • “PUNCH-OUT”                                                                

**after the Order Form has been approved see Section 10 Varying a Purchase Order**

Requisitioner Guide - Section 8 Supplier Search Supplier Name Not Known

Supplier Search Supplier Name Not Known

  • Supplier Category Register
  • Via Product Search                                                                           
  • Via Browse Categories                                                                     

         (If Supplier Name is Known   See Section 4)                                                

Requisitioner Guide - Section 9 Receipting And Returning Goods Or Services

Receipting And Returning Goods Or Services   

  • Viewing a Purchase Order                                                                 
  • Purchase Order Status                                                                                  
  • Sent to Supplier                                                                     
  • Transmission Feed Back                                                        
  • Manual Purchase Order                                                         
  • Receipted, Partially Receipted and Receipted and Closed   
  • Receipting Goods or Services on to the Purchase Order
  • Re Open a purchase order which is  “Closed for Receipting”
  • Multiple Order Line Receipt Option                                                   
  • Multiple Order line Close Option                                                                      
  • Receipting Expand All                                                                      
  • Returning Goods or Services                                                             
  • Part Receipt/Close outstanding commitments                                   


Requisitioner Guide - Section 10 Varying A Purchase Order

Varying A Purchase Order

  • Variation of a Purchase Order “BEFORE” the Invoice has arrived 
  • Free Text - Non Catalogue  Purchase Order                          
  • Catalogue Purchase Order                                                     
  • Punch-Out Purchase Order                                                   
  • Send Purchase Order Variation for Approval                                   
  • Variation of a Purchase Order “AFTER” the Invoice has arrived    
  • Variation of a Purchase Order During Receipting
  • Over Receipting the Value or Quantity
  • Purchase Order Stuck in Variation
  • Adding Comments and or Attachements after the Purchase Order has been created                     


Requisitioner Guide - Section 11 Invoicing


  • Invoicing Procedure                                                                          
  • View your Invoice Task Box                                                             
  • Incorrect Invoice                                                                    
  • Correct Invoice                                                                     
  • Acceptance Invoice Task                                                                   
  • Mapping Invoice Task    
  • View PO Mapping
  • Re Map                                                                
  • Account Code Distribution Invoice Task      
  • Rejection of an Invoice
  • Put Invoice on Hold or In Dispute                                  
  • Credit Note Acceptance                                                                           
  • Accept Invoice                                                                                                           
  • Invoice Status                                                                                    
  • View invoice(s) received against a Purchase Order                        
  • View all invoice tasks within your profile                                            

Requisitioner Guide - Section 12 Reports


  • View “your” PURCHASE ORDERS    
  • View “your” INVOICE TASKS                                          
  • View “all” OUTSTANDING INVOICES TASKS in your Profile
  • View “all” OUTSTANDING PURCHASE ORDERS in your      
  • Profile
  • Commitment Report    
  • Create A Commitment Report                                                                  


Requisitioner Guide - Section 13 House Keeping

House Keeping

  •  Closing Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Commitments 
  • Invoice Task Box                                                                             
  • Staff absence on holiday or off sick                                                
  • Leaving Keele University or moving section                                   


Requisitioner Guide - Section 14 System Terminology

System Terminology

  • Buyer PO Flip
  • Supplier PO Flip                                                                           
  • EIT                                                                                                                 
  • CXML                                                                                                                      
  • Catalogue                                                                                              
  • Free Text                                                                                            
  • Punch-Out                                                                                          
  • Parabilis                                                                                              
  • Idea Market Place                                                                             
  • Three Way Matching                                                                                
  • Acceptance                                                                                       
  • Mapping                                                                                             
  • Account Code Distribution                                                             
  • Work Flow and Profile                                                                     
  • Manual Purchase Order