Risk Assessment for Overseas Travel

University/Business Trips – Risk Assessment

The University operates a comprehensive travel insurance policy for its staff and PGR students. Please note that a risk assessment form MUST be completed prior to travel. The link below provides full details of the University policy on staff travelling abroad and the Risk Assessment Form itself.

Failure to complete a risk assessment may result in you not being insured for your trip. All fields on the Risk Assessment Form MUST be completed. An itinerary MUST be included/completed on Page 2 when submitting the form giving details of accommodation abroad and a contact number for emergency purposes.

The form MUST be signed by a relevant authorised signatory

Forms will be returned if incomplete

Travel Overseas Policy

Risk Assessment Form - OS Travel (Word Document)

Risk Assessment Form - OS Travel (pdf)

Fieldwork/Field Trips

For University organised student travel, please note that it is the travel organiser and /or Head of School that is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate details have been completed and where appropriate the International Office have been informed. 


Details of all travel (UK or abroad) should be sent to security using the following form: